For many of us who live in King County, a member of Teamsters 117 will be on the ballot this election season. Anthony Berkley, a licensed practical nurse at the Monroe Correctional Complex, is running for King County Hospital Commissioner - District 1. 

He's in a tough race and could use your support!

Anthony has been a frontline healthcare worker for 33 years. He's a Shop Steward, a small business owner, and a proud youth football coach. Anthony believes in ensuring healthcare access for women and making sure the community has access to critical resources. 

Anthony was endorsed by our Union after a unanimous recommendation by our Political Advisory Committee, a group of rank-and-file members that interviews candidates running for office.

Elected officials make decisions that impact our daily lives. We need to continue having a seat at the table. It is crucial we elect Teamsters like Anthony at all levels of government to continue pushing the needle in favor of working families.

If you find Anthony on your ballot, we hope you'll consider giving him your support!

Be sure to get your ballot in the mail or in your neighborhood dropbox by November 7.