Thank you to Cheryl Steele, a Classification Counselor 2 at Airway Heights Corrections Center (AHCC) for sharing her experiences at the DOC Day of Action event on January 10. Her article is published in its entirety below:


By Cheryl Steele

Recently I attended the “Day of Action” in Olympia. This was an amazing event I wish all Teamster Local 117 DOC members would have attended.

Our Brothers and Sisters came from all over the State and joined in a rally to let our elected officials know our presence and our needs matter to the daily operations of public safety.

We lobbied individual legislators discussing our safety and the need for “Interest Arbitration”. We talked and they listened. Many voiced their support and appreciation for our work.

We conversed with Brothers and Sisters from other agencies represented by Teamsters Local 117 who showed up to support our DOC Teamsters. They let us know they care about our safety and honor our work protecting their families and communities.

I am telling you it was an amazing event that renewed my beliefs and spirits that we need Teamsters Local 117 as individuals and collectively to protect our rights and honor our work.

Teamsters Local 117 is the backbone representing us collectively. It is only as strong as we make it by participating in our destiny! I encourage you to participate. Don’t just pay your dues because that is not the purpose of the Union.

The mission of the Union is to provide a collective voice for the membership. Teamsters Local Union No. 117 empowers and unites workers. Together we as “Teamsters” should be dedicated to economic and social justice, organizing, educating, and leading collective and political action to protect and expand the rights, wages and benefits of your family, and mine. We are the Union.

Union strength comes from our participation and civic commitments to public safety. Go to the website and learn how you can be involved, have fun, make a difference and be a better steward of our collective power.

As an individual Teamster Local 117 member I am committed to being part of something really big – our “Collective Power” to make a difference!