We're close to passing an incredibly important bill for Teamsters - the Warehouse Worker Protection Act (SHB 1762) - but we need your help.

The bill would make warehouse work safer and more transparent for Local 117 members and other warehouse workers in Washington State. It would also hold Amazon accountable for the extremely high rate of injuries in its non-union warehouses.

Please take two minutes to send an email to your State Senator asking them to vote "YES" on this bill. 

Warehouse workers do physically demanding work that is often governed by production standards. In some warehouses, especially those operated by Amazon, these standards have led to debilitating injuries.

SHB 1762 will require companies to inform workers what the standard is and how it is calculated. Under the bill, companies will also have to ensure that workers do not work through their rest of meal breaks to meet the standard. 

We're close to making warehouses safer! SHB 1762 passed the state House of Representatives and is expected to get a Senate floor vote soon.But we need your help to get the bill across the finish line. Please click here to support the Warehouse Worker Protection Act.

Act Now!