General Election ballots will be mailed out by Friday, October 19. Ballots must be postmarked and sent back to your county auditor by Tuesday, November 6. If you have not received your ballot or you need to request a new one, you can find contact information for your county auditor here.

Teamsters-Vote_thumbnail.jpgIf you are unsure which Legislative District you live in, please refer to your ballot you receive in the mail, or you can look up your district here.

For more information regarding the endorsement process or to get involved in election activities, contact Local 117 Political Director Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262. 

A Note About Endorsement Recommendations

Your vote is your voice and yours alone. No one can take that away from you. We hope you will consider our endorsement recommendations as a point of information, just as you'd consider endorsements from other organizations to which you might belong. Our endorsements are guided by our mission statement, "to build unity and power for all working people," and our Political Advisory Committee makes recommendations based on that mission. We also do not use any dues dollars when we contribute to candidates. We only use money members voluntarily contribute to our PAC. If you are interested in contributing to DRIVE, please talk to your Union Rep or contact the Union at 1-888-872-3489.

Legislative District Races
Legislative District (LD) Position Endorsed Candidate
LD 1 Position 1 Shelly Kloba
  Position 2 Derek Stanford
LD 3 Position 1 Marcus Riccelli
  Position 2 Timm Ormsby
LD 5 Position 1 Bill Ramos
  Position 2 Lisa Callan
LD 11 Position 1 Zack Hudgins
  Position 2 Steve Bergquist
LD 16 Senator Skyler Rude
LD 19 Position 1 Erin Frasier
  Position 2 Brian Blake
LD 21 Senator Marko Liias
  Position 1 Lillian Ortiz-Self
  Position 2 Strom Peterson
LD 22 Position 1 Laurie Dolan
  Position 2 Beth Doglio
LD 23 Position 1 Sherry V. Appleton
  Position 2 Drew Hansen
LD 24 Position 1 Mike Chapman
  Position 2 Steve Tharinger
LD 25 Position 1 Julie Door
  Position 2 Brian Duthie
LD 26 Senator Emily Randall
  Position 1 Connie FitzPatrick
  Position 2 Joy Stanford
LD 27 Position 1 Laurie Jinkins
  Position 2 Jake Fey
LD 28 Position 1 Mari Leavitt
  Position 2 Christine Kilduff
LD 29 Senator Steve Conway
  Position 1 Melanie Morgan
  Position 2 Steve Kirby
LD 30 Senator Mark Miloscia
  Position 1 Mike Pellicciotti
  Position 2 Kristine Reeves
LD 33 Senator Karen Keiser
  Position 1 Tina L. Orwall
  Position 2 Mia Su-Ling Gregerson
LD 34 Senator Shannon Braddock
  Position 1 Eileen Cody
  Position 2 Joe Fitzgibbon
LD 37 Senator Rebecca Saldana
  Position 1 Sharon Tomiko Santos
  Position 2 Eric Pettigrew
LD 38 Senator John McCoy
  Position 1 June Robinson
  Position 2 Mike Sells
LD 39 Senator Keith Wagoner
LD 41 Position 1 Tana Senn
LD 43 Senator Jamie Pedersen
  Position 1 Nicole Macri
  Position 2 Frank Chopp
LD 44 Position 1 John Lovick
  Position 2 Jared Mead
LD 45 Senator Manka Dhingra
  Position 1 Roger Goodman
LD 46 Position 1 Gerry Pollet
  Position 2 Javier Valdez
LD 47 Senator Mona Das
  Position 1 Debra Entenman
  Position 2 Pat Sullivan
LD 48 Senator Patty Kuderer
  Position 1 Vandana Slatter
  Position 2 Amy Walen
LD 49 Position 2 Monica Stonier

In addition to the endorsements Teamsters 117 makes, we also participate with the other Washington State Teamster locals in races for federal office (Congress and U.S. Senate). Here are those endorsements on your ballot.

Federal Races
Senator Maria Cantwell
CD 1 Suzan DelBene
CD 2 Rick Larsen
CD 3 Carolyn Long
CD 5 Lisa Brown
CD 6 Derek Kilmer
CD 7 Pramila Jayapal
CD 8 Kim Schrier
CD 9 Adam Smith

In addition to the elections for legislative and federal offices, we also took a position on two issues that will be on your ballot in November statewide: Initiatives 1634 and 1631.

SUPPORT Initiative 1634, which would preempt cities and counties from passing taxes on groceries, including soda. Washington State already has the most regressive tax structure of any state. Additional taxes on groceries only makes that worse, because sales taxes disproportionately impact working families. Until the state deals with our unbalanced system that allows corporations to use loopholes to their benefit, and continues to allow wealthy people from paying their fair share, we can't support more regressive taxes.

SUPPORT Initiative 1631, which would impose a pollution fee on our state's largest polluters. Right now the largest polluters can pollute for free while the rest of us pay the costs. I-1631 would put a fee on the state’s largest polluters, like the oil industry and utilities that have not switched over to clean energy, and invest in protecting our air and water and building new clean-energy infrastructure across the state. We know with this initiative, we can protect our health, build new good paying jobs, and ensure a cleaner future for the next generation. Most important for earning our support, the measure ensures workers in the fossil fuel industry affected by the transition have an opportunity to maintain their quality of life, build skills, and attain family-wage jobs.