Leg-Session---Photo.jpgThe 2014 legislative session kicked off today in Olympia. We will be posting frequent updates on the website during session to report on the progress of your Union's legislative priorities.  

In addition to getting information from the Local 117 website, there are many ways to stay informed about what our state's lawmakers are up to and how to get involved.

1.  SIGN UP FOR TEAMSTER EMAIL:  Create an account on your union's website to receive Teamster news and updates during legislative session.

2. TEAMSTERS LEGISLATIVE REPORT:  Check out our bi-weekly legislative reports, scheduled to be released every other Friday during legislative session.

3.  ATTEND LOBBY DAY:  We have Teamster Lobby Days scheduled for January 28 and February 20 during session.  For more information, contact Political Action Coordinator, Dustin Lambro, at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262.

4.  FOLLOW TEAMSTERS 117 ON TWITTER:  Get up-to-the-minute reporting on bills as they make their way through the legislative process.

On Day 1 in Olympia, the WA STATE DREAM ACT passed 71-23.  The bill, which would qualify all students who graduated from a Washington high school, for the State Need Grant, will now head to the Senate.