Here is the latest from the Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust (WTWT) for Local 117 members with Teamsters health and welfare coverage: 

Every year the Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust holds annual enrollment. Every participant – not just those with plan changes – must complete enrollment annually to maintain medical coverage. You will receive a packet in the mail in November asking you to verify or update your enrollment information and covered dependents. If you live in a Group Health Options service area, you will also have a choice of a Group Health Options medical plan.

Complete your annual enrollment when it’s offered to avoid a delay in claims processing, such as lab or medical bills. Make sure you and your eligible dependants are listed so that all of you continue to receive coverage, and that all dependents who are no longer eligible are removed from your plan.

Read the complete WTWT newsletter for the month of October for information about mental health and chemical dependency treatment programs, mail-order pharmacy benefits, transplant information, and more!