Your homepage is a highly customized page that has multiple elements that you can edit using the methods described below.


Homepage logo


The logo that appears on your homepage is controlled via the Site settings options in your NationBuilder control panel. The actual logo image can be changed using the settings under the Logo tab. The "Teamsters Local 117" and "John Screarcy, Secretary-Treasurer" text that appears beside the logo can be controlled using the Long name and Subheadline fields found under the Basic tab.

Featured content slider


The Featured content slider on your homepage can be controlled via the Featured content sliders options found under the Settings tab for your homepage. A few things to note about your featured content sliders:

  • The recommended image dimensions for you sliders are 1140px wide by 558px tall.
  • The large yellow overlay text for a slider is controlled using the Label field, and the small subtext below it is configured using the Headline / Action text field.
  • Remember to use images that have as small of a file size as possible to ensure quick loading times for your website.

You can read more about how Featured content sliders work here.

Supporter nav buttons


The three yellow buttons that appear below the featured content slider on your homepage are controlled using the Supporter nav tab in your NationBuilder control panel. 

Latest News section


The Latest News section on your homepage will display the latest pages or posts on your website that are tagged with "feature". The thumbnail image that appears for a post is the image that is uploaded as the Thumbnail image for Facebook, etc. under the Settings > Social media tab for that page or post.

Secretary-Treasurer's Message


The Secretary-Treasurer's Message section on your homepage will display the latest post from your blog tagged with secretary.

Upcoming meetings & events


This section of your homepage will display upcoming events from your calendar. 

Social media links


The social media links on your homepage will link to the facebook and twitter accounts of your website's primary broadcaster.