Becky-Spithill.jpgPlease give a raucous Teamsters’ welcome to twelve new Local 117 members at King County.   The new group of clerical and administrative employees in the County’s Wastewater Division will be accreting into the Wastewater bargaining unit. 

The group, formerly represented by the Technical Employees Association (TEA), spent over a year fighting TEA appeals, but has finally prevailed in their desire to become Teamsters.  

“It was a long process, but now we are officially recognized as Teamsters and it feels great,” said Becky Spithill, who has worked at the County since 2006.

Right out of the gate, the group has expressed an interest in the possibility of adding the Teamsters pension as a supplemental defined benefit retirement plan.  Smart move, people!

“I hope other groups will decide to join us,” Spithill said. “When other people at the County come to me with a problem with their boss, I say, ‘Wow, it’s too bad you’re not represented by the Teamsters.’”