Amber_Bates_-_Bus_Rep.pngWe are excited to announce the hiring of Amber Bates, a new Business Representative for members working at CBCC, SCCC, and OCC.

Amber brings 10 years of diverse corrections’ experience to the Union. While employed at Clallam Bay Corrections Center, she served as an officer, classification counselor, law librarian, food manager, and captain’s secretary.

Amber also has experience as a Shop Steward. She has handled grievances, participated in pre-disciplinary hearings, attended several lobby day events, and served on the Union bargaining team in contract negotiations.

Amber is deeply connected and involved in her community. She raises money for homeless veterans and is active in the Wounded Warrior Project. She plans to help launch a Veteran’s Caucus at Teamsters Local 117 in 2016.

Amber began her job as a Business Representative on February 16, 2016. In talking about the Union, she said:

“We are stronger when we put aside our differences and work together. When we present a united front, it sends a strong message to management and the legislature and we have a better chance of getting what we deserve.”

Amber will assume her representational responsibilities effective immediately. She can be reached at 1-888-872-3489 x1261 or 360-591-8160 or by email at [email protected].