DOCBusRep_Shannon-Reeder.jpgLet's give a warm Teamsters welcome to our new DOC Business Representative, Shannon Reeder.  Shannon joins the DOC team with 7 years of experience as a Correctional Officer at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC).

Shannon was a trusted Shop Steward at CBCC, and he is currently involved in DOC contract negotiations.  He played a key role in providing support to a fellow member who was the target of dangerous assault at the facility early last year.

In his previous career in construction, Shannon was a member of several unions in the building trades.  Back in the 90s, he was even a Local 117 member for two years at Davis Wire and went through the strike in 1991. "It was a tough time, and people with families were really struggling," he said.    

Shannon moved out to the peninsula and ultimately got a job with the DOC.  He believes members at the DOC are not compensated fairly given the dangers and challenges of the job. "Morale is low.  People deserve more than they're getting - more respect, more compensation, and more power in their job.  Everybody should have pride in their work and feel like they have a career they can be proud of," he said.    

Shannon is married with two daughters.  He talks about his passion for the work: "I'm excited about this and I want my daughters to see that." 

Shannon began his job at the Local on May 1.  Initially, he will be working with other DOC Reps at several facilities.  As soon as he is assigned a jurisdiction, we will announce it here.