metro.jpgKing County is scrambling to stave off the possibility of huge reductions in Metro bus service and the further erosion of our public transportation infrastructure. 

If voters do not approve a funding measure on April 22, Metro stands to lose 74 bus routes, and over 100 routes would have to change.  Residents would see more crowded buses, longer wait times, less reliable service, more traffic, and longer commutes.

The measure proposes a $60/annual car tab fee and a one-tenth-of-a-cent increase in the sales tax.  King County gained the authority to take the measure to the voters when the Council unanimously approved the creation of a transportation district on Feb. 11.

VOTE YES FOR TRANSPORTATION ON APRIL 22:  We’ve already seen a 44% decrease in transportation funding since 2008.  Vote YES to save Metro, preserve the low-income fare program, and protect family-wage jobs!

King County will be mailing out ballots on April 2, so you should be receiving them in the mail by April 4 or 5.

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