US Foods, the massive food service conglomerate, provoked another Unfair Labor Practice strike over the weekend, this time in Corona, California.

In the last several months, Teamsters in Corona, Phoenix, and Baltimore have been out on strike, with members in several other locations honoring picket line extensions.

“US Foods has a pattern of abusing its workers and being willing to destroy good jobs and local economies," said Steve Vairma, Teamsters International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters’ Warehouse Division.

Here is a full update from the IBT:

Members of 8 Teamster Local Unions Honor Picket Lines

(CORONA, Calif.) – Yesterday, Teamsters who drive for US Foods in Corona began an unfair labor practice strike to protest allegations that the foodservice giant violated federal law that protects workers’ rights. Almost immediately, Corona workers extended their picket line to 10 other US Foods distribution centers and resident yards in Southern California and Phoenix, Ariz., where 750 Teamsters have ceased work to honor the picket lines. The picket line extensions are still up today.

In all, more than 800 Teamsters employed by US Foods are currently not working because of the strike and extensions. There are 92 drivers represented by Locals 848 and 542 currently on strike in Corona. Meanwhile, about 750 workers represented by Locals 87, 495, 542, 630, 848 and 986 in La Mirada, Calif.; Local 542 in Vista, Calif.; and Local 104 in Phoenix are honoring the picket line extensions. Additionally, warehouse workers in Corona, represented by Teamsters Local 63, have given notice of their intention to honor the picket line there—under their contract they must wait until Wednesday to do so.

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