Earlier this year, the so-called, “Freedom Foundation” made a public records request to obtain your personal information, including your phone number, email, and birth date.

The “Freedom Foundation” is an anti-union organization. As they have done with multiple other state labor unions, they have been seeking the release of your private information so they can contact and mislead you into abandoning your union membership and defund public sector unions.

Thus far, your private information has not been released. The issue is still in litigation.

Yesterday, we won an emergency injunction from the Washington Court of Appeals keeping your personal information out of the hands of the “Freedom Foundation.”

This Court of Appeals stay comes after a Thurston County judge ruled last week on July 29th that the personal information of all DOC staff be released to the “Freedom Foundation.” We argued against this release of this information, but the judge ruled that state law gives them access to your information. 

Due to the appeals emergency injunction ruling, there will be a hearing set for a future date.  We will continue to argue that your private information should be kept away from this organization on a permanent status.  The Court of Appeals will make a determination.

In addition to the request from the “Freedom Foundation” we are also challenging a similar request from a mysterious group called “Practigov.” Little is known about this group or their motives. 

We will continue battling to protect your privacy through the legal process. Your information should not be accessible by those who would cause harm. Unfortunately, Washington State public disclosure laws are outdated, and allow nearly anyone full access to your personal information. 

Regardless of what the court decides, we will continue working to change outdated public disclosure laws that put you and your family’s privacy at risk.

Thank you for your service – please stay safe.


Michelle Woodrow
President and Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement