Members who work at two more companies - Fleischmann's Vinegar in Sumner and Paco in Seattle - voted overwhelmingly to ratify their contracts this week. 

That makes three contracts ratified in the last seven days, counting our agreement with US Foods

"Our bargaining got a little contentious," said Todd Leeper, a Shop Steward at Fleischmann's. "But our representation was fantastic. Paul (Dascher) came through for us. We were all very satisfied with the result."

The contract vote at Fleischmann's took place on March 8. The agreement covers a small group of members who manufacture white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar from scratch.

"Congratulations to our members at both Fleishmann's Vinegar and Paco. No matter the size of the bargaining unit, whether it's three or three hundred, our members will receive the best representation we can provide," said John Scearcy, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 117.