When we fight, we win!

Take steps to protect your work!

Know_your_rights.jpgWhen you work at an agency the size of King County, you may feel like you are in a perpetual state of flux.  There is constant reorganization, reclassification, hiring, layoffs, and other changes that affect you and your co-workers. 

As a Union member, you have a right to have your voice heard when changes in working conditions occur in the workplace. 

Your employer has a contractual obligation to notify the Union when it plans on implementing those changes.  The effects of the changes need to be negotiated at the bargaining table. 

If you suspect that changes are in the works that might impact you and your co-workers, make sure you notify your Shop Steward or your Business Representative immediately.  In your Union, you have an advocate that is watching your back and will fight to protect you and keep your job secure.

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