Ken-Marshall.jpgKen Marshall, a Local 117 member at the Monroe Correctional Complex, grew up just outside of Monroe, in the City of Sultan, and has lived there his entire life.

As a young man, Ken cared about his hometown so much that he decided he would run for political office there one day.  Two decades later, that is exactly what he is planning to do, as he vies to retain his current spot on the Sultan City Council.

"It's a great place to live," says Ken, who works as an electrical supervisor in the prison's Special Offender Unit. "I just want to see Sultan keep moving forward."

Part of moving the City forward means fighting to save jobs.  "My opponent wants to outsource the City's garbage hauling. I think that's a bad idea - we would have to cut union jobs," he says.

With the help of the Teamsters, Ken plans on turning out the vote this fall among Sultan's approximately 4500 residents.  

If you would like to help with Ken's campaign, please contact Local 117 Political Action Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262.