Sisters and Brothers -

Solidarity symbolizes the strength of our loyalty and commitment to each other as Teamsters and working families. It is a feeling of unity around common interests and is essential to our collective power and our ability to set goals that raise standards for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


It is important to never lose sight that we need each other.

Collectively we achieve rights and securities for our families that we could never secure as individuals. Our commitment to each other is key to protecting and expanding our rights. Divisiveness is a direct threat to everything we have gained collectively to provide a brighter future for our children.

We must be dedicated to standing together.

As a Union, we understand that it is not about the color of our skin, our faith, our ethnicity, our gender, how others identify, or even our politics. It is about embracing our diversity to lift up our communities by winning strong contracts, raising standards, and reducing inequality and social injustice in the workplace and beyond. 

This last year has been incredibly hard on all of us. But as I reflect on the immense challenges brought on by the pandemic, racial-divide and more, I am inspired by the many ways our members have responded. Our commitment against racism and our uncompromising representation of working people through a pandemic has attracted over 2,000 new members to join Local 117 in 2020 including employees of Maverick Gaming. Last year, we also won the highest wage rate for Uber and Lyft drivers in the country.

These previously unrepresented workers had little or no recourse when their rights were violated. Without collective bargaining and a strong Union, they had few or no options to improve their wages and workplace conditions.

Be proud to be represented….be proud to be a Teamster! Never forget that only through keeping our Union strong will we have a voice on the job and in our communities. Take pride that our successes push and improve economic equality in our society. Take pride in being a member of the Teamsters Union.

In unity,


John Scearcy