Local-117-Breaking-Hunger.jpgMembers of Teamsters Local 117 were out at the Gig Harbor Sportsmen’s Club last Friday, sharpshooting for a cause.

It was all part of the Breaking Hunger fundraising event to benefit Pierce County’s Emergency Food Network and thousands of hungry families in our region.  

Teamsters from the Corrections & Law Enforcement division of your Union captured first place at the event. 

Your Local Union sponsored the team at the $500 level. All proceeds from the event went to benefit the Emergency Food Network.

The Pierce County emergency food system includes 67 food banks providing over 15 million meals annually to over a hundred thousand families in need.

Thank you to the following members who participated in the event and congratulations on your first place finish!

  • Tanesha Van Leuven, University of Washington Police Dept. 
  • Mark Hackett, University of Washington Police Dept. 
  • Joey Russo, Port of Seattle Police Dept. 
  • Richard Groff, Teamsters Local 117

In all, the event raised over $250,000 worth of food for the tables of hungry residents of Pierce County.