John Scearcy, our Union's Secretary-Treasurer, presented the Union leadership award at the annual Puget Sound Sage awards breakfast yesterday. 

This year's award went to Nicole Grant, the Executive Secretary Treasurer of the M.L. King County Labor Council. Nicole is the first women leader of the Council in its more than 100-year history. 

John praised Nicole for her extraordinary work in her tenure at the MLKCLC. He also talked about how his commitment to the labor movement grew out of his experience working at a grocery warehouse more than 25 years ago. 

"When I first got the job, I understood the value of a Teamster contract and the incredible impact it made on my family," he said.

Puget Sound Sage has been an important community ally for our Local in helping to achieve policy change that positively impacts working families and in our organizing wins. 

The organization's mission is to build communities where all families thrive through research, policy, leadership development, and civic engagement.