King County employees spend their day providing outstanding service to our community.  They clear our streets, maintain our roads, clean up our parks, provide safe drinking water, protect our environment, treat our mentally ill, and keep our communities safe. 

It’s not every day, though, that the community returns the favor and gives public employees the recognition they deserve. 

But recently, one recipient of the County’s stellar service made a point of speaking up.

Ernestine Rutledge, a senior citizen who had sought assistance from the Licensing and Records Division, left a voice mail filled with effusive praise for Customer Service Representative Tiffany Frank and her co-workers.  In her message, Ms. Rutledge said:

“I just wanted to call and let you know that the people who are answering your phone are just absolutely wonderful. Everyone I talked to took the time and gave me information on where to go on the website and they were just awesome, awesome, awesome. In addition to that, I tried to complete the forms and I took them down today and I met this angel, named Tiffany… everybody I talked to was absolutely efficient, wonderful, courteous, and then I met Tiffany today and that just sealed the deal for me. So congratulations on what you’re doing down there, keep it up, keep helping us and keep helping us senior citizens.  So you have a blessed day.  Thank you.”