We had another solid win in Olympia last week as our PSERS bill (HB 1718), which would expand the Public Safety Employees' Retirement System to include DOC nurses, passed out of the state House of Representatives on Friday by a vote of 95-3.

Clearly, the bill had strong bi-partisan support in the House, but that does not mean that moving the bill in the Senate will be easy.  

To advance the bill, we'll need to work together to urge our state Senators to support the bill.  We also need to make sure that Senators understand the risks associated with performing work as a nurse in our state's prisons.

If you are a DOC nurse and can talk about dangerous incidents that you have faced at work or how a more secure retirement would impact you and your family, please contact Political Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 1-888-872-3489 ext 1262.