Please e-mail your Representative and Senators today and ask that they vote NO on the omnibus spending bill.

Last night, Congress released the text of an omnibus spending bill to fund the government for fiscal year 2015, and the Teamsters Union was very disappointed to see that the government will be kept open on the backs of hardworking Americans and retirees.

Specifically, we are opposed to the last-minute addition of a pension amendment that threatens the retirement security of thousands of retirees -- an amendment that through procedural manipulation will not even receive a separate vote.

We have always opposed pension cuts and are disappointed that the House and Senate have taken this action. This legislation represents substantial changes to policies that have protected the pensions of workers for decades. It should not be changed through procedural manipulation.

We are also opposed to the inclusion of a proposal that would increase the number of hours that truck drivers can spend on the road every week -- an increase to more than 80 hours per week. That is too much time to spend behind the wheel, and we oppose this increase.

And while the legislation threatens pensions and increases the hours Teamsters have to work, it lets the wealthy put even more money into politics so that we will continue to see legislation that benefits the wealthy and not hardworking Americans.