When Today October 23, 2014 at 4:00pm 3 hrs
Contact Dustin Lambro [email protected] 206-441-4860

As a Union, we have a lot at stake in next year's legislative session, which begins in January.  

  • We have an interest arbitration award to fund for our DOC members, which must be voted on by all our legislators Up or Down.
  • We are working hard to pass statewide Paid Sick Days legislation to ensure that no one, including our the wait staff and cooks in restaurants where we take our families, don't have to come to work sick or go without a day's pay
  • We will continue to lead in our fight against bad legislation for working families like Right to Work (for less) legislation, rollbacks to our pension system for public employees, and cuts to our strong Worker's Compensation system.

We absolutely can't win on these priorities if we don't have the votes in the State House and State Senate.  It's simple math.

That's why we are supporting Matt Isenhower for State Senate.  Matt, a former Navy Pilot, will be one of our strongest allies in the legislature, and has already pledged to help pass funding for our DOC contract.  His opponent, Sen. Andy Hill has been the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee (the money committee) and has not been a supporter of our legislative priorities.  If he is reelected, he will likely continue to chair that committee and may make it harder to pass funding for our contract at DOC.

Please sign up to RSVP for this important phone bank and we look forward to seeing you, and thanks for your help!

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