This summer, we conducted focus groups for 48 Local 117 members in the public sector, including several Teamsters at King County.  We wanted to hear from you about how to build a stronger Union that can more effectively fight for fair wages and good benefits for all members.  

One of the things we learned is that members want more responsibility and to take greater ownership of their Union.  They want more active Shop Stewards who play a greater role in the workplace; they want to understand their contract; and they want to get involved.

After listening to your input, we have launched a new program to train Shop Stewards to help resolve first-step issues together with members.  In addition, Shop Stewards will have the primary responsibility to run Labor Management Committee meetings.     

Members covered by our KCIT contract are in the process of creating a 10-person “pilot” Union policy committee that will meet bi-monthly to discuss issues that can help Shop Stewards set the agenda for LMCs and project a wider voice of the members. If you have requests for Union trainings or other ideas about how we can build a stronger, more cohesive Union, please share them with your Business Representative.  We want to hear from you!