Members of Teamsters 117, working at the City of Auburn, have voted overwhelmingly to ratify their contract. 

The new agreement increases members' wages, protects their retirement security, and improves their health and welfare benefits.  The agreement will also save the city approximately $100,000, which can be used to help pay for road and safety improvements. 

The agreement adds DRIVE language. DRIVE is the Teamsters non-partisan political action committee. DRIVE money comes from the voluntary contributions of members.  DRIVE helps protect workers by financing efforts to protect your state pension and by adding political pressure on state and local politicians to help achieve strong contracts.

Both municipalities and businesses spend big money to promote their political agenda.  It only makes sense for workers to have the same rights. Unions are the only organizations that are specifically designed to accomplish this.

More than 20 members at the City of Auburn have already taken the first step in protecting their rights in Olympia by contributing to DRIVE.  If you are interested in contributing, please contact your Shop Steward to get a payroll deduction card.  You can also contract me directly at 206-441-4860 ext.1239.

Thank you to the outstanding work of your Union bargaining committee.  This agreement would not have been possible without their hard work and perseverance.

Your Union bargaining committee:

  • Jeff Clark
  • Rich Hill
  • Mark Harris