Tell me about your work as a Teamster.

My name is Carl Beatty. I am a correctional officer at the Monroe Correctional Complex. I deal with inmates with special needs, mainly mental and emotional problems. It’s a very dangerous environment. There are a lot of hazards that we need to train for on a daily basis.

What is your role as a Teamster, Shop Steward and representative on the Steward Advisory Council (SAC)?

My role as a Shop Steward is to protect the rights of my members without equivocation. My members come before myself. Taking care of my members is my top priority as a Shop Steward.

My role on SAC is to bring the voices of my people to the table, so that my Local knows what we are experiencing.

What were you hoping to get out of the Convention?

I want to represent my Local in front of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. I am very proud of Local 117. I may be biased, but I think it is the finest in the country. I also wanted to network with my fellow Teamsters from around the country and Canada.

How has the Convention been so far?

The convention has been exciting - really high energy. There isn't a person here that doesn’t want to be here. You can sense that about everyone. The delegate are dedicated to coming together to find common bonds, building our union and moving forward in a positive direction.

What is one thing you would like to bring back to the membership?

I hope to take back the experience and knowledge I’ve gained. I've been able to meet wonderful people and learn about the intricate workings of a union of our scale. I want to instill in our members a renewed sense of pride in our union and the people who work hard for them everyday.