Michael-Boe.jpgLocal 117 member, Sergeant Michael Boe of the Monroe Correctional Complex, was in Olympia on Wednesday to testify in support of Senate Bill 6566, a proposed law that affirms the authority of the clemency and pardons board to make recommendations to the governor regarding petitions for reprieve to ensure that law enforcement and others are heard.

You can view Sergeant Boe's testimony on TVW here.  Sergeant Boe's testimony begins at 45.25.

Sergeant Boe was speaking on behalf of many of his fellow co-workers at the DOC who believe that the Governor's recently announced moratorium on the death penalty sends the wrong message, particularly to life-without-parole offenders.

I also speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say that the blanket moratorium sends a message to correctional employees that it’s okay for us to have a target on our backs, that inmates can kill with impunity if they are serving life without parole because they will suffer no worse consequences for their actions.

The sponsors of the bill admit that, even if it passes, it won't stop the Governor from having the final say on executions, it will only require that he listen to the testimony of law enforcement and others first.