Upcoming Coalition of Unions Negotiations for represented members at King County.

Who is the Coalition?

The Coalition of Unions at King County is made up of over 5,000 Union members at King County.  You and your Union are a part of this organization.  Through solidarity, the Coalition increases our bargaining power to improve wages, benefits and job security.  The Coalition of Unions will be the organization through which we bargain Total Compensation.

What is Total Compensation?

Teamsters Local 117 members voted and approved the Coalition Agreement last year, which obligates Local 117 to negotiate all compensable items through Coalition negotiations.  The agreement expires at the end of 2016.  We are now gearing up to negotiate the next agreement, called Total Compensation.

Get your nominations in!

The Local 117 Total Comp Bargaining Team will be comprised of Local 117 Union Reps and member leaders.  These members will provide valuable input in the actual negotiations and will also be involved in planning and bargaining strategy.

We are selecting members to be on the Total Comp Bargaining Team within the next month.  The number and which groups they will come from are still to be determined.  It is our goal to have a wide range of representation, yet still have a group small enough to be effective as a committee.

Nominate yourself or someone else to be on the Bargaining Team by sending the nomination to Suzette Dickerson.  Selections will be held Aug. 17-28.

How else can I get involved in bargaining?

Apart from the Bargaining Team, Local 117 will be holding Policy Committee Meetings throughout the negotiations to work with the Bargaining Team on the proposals and gathering feedback from the membership.  This committee will be open to all Local 117 members.  These are for the benefit of the process, we do expect a commitment to regularly attend and participate.

A survey is planned to be sent to all members in early September and is an important way to make your voice heard, on bargaining issues that are important to you.  We will also hold regular FAQ sessions open to all members to give updates on bargaining and gather additional input.  The first meeting will be a Total Compensation Kick-Off occurring directly after Labor Day and will be open to all members.  More details soon!