We are in the process of scheduling demands meetings for members at King County to discuss upcoming small table bargaining. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and set priorities as we move into bargaining. 

We have dates set for members in some units. There will be more meetings scheduled over the next few weeks. Check back soon for information about meetings for your group. Thank you! 

Joint Units Agreement 2/7/2017 6:00-7:00AM Cedar Hills - Stores
Joint Units Agreement 2/13/2017 3:30-4:30PM Black Diamond Crew Rm
DNRP WTD PT&A 2/28/2017 12:00-1:00PM West Point Maint. Rm.
WTD PT&A 2/22/2017 2:30-3:30PM King Street - Rm 3E
WTD PT&A 2/22/2017 11:15-12:30PM Cedar River Training Rm.
KC JUA 3/2/2017 6:00-7:00AM Cadman Crew Room
DNRP WW Supervisors 3/7/2017 12 noon -1PM King Street - Room 8I
Joint Units Agreement 4/1/2017 3:30-4:30PM 1930 Boren Ave. Seattle
Joint Units Agreement 4/6/2017 7:30-8:30AM 1930 Boren Ave. Seattle
Joint Units Agreement 4/26/2017 3:00-4:00PM Renton Roads & Special Ops Breakroom
Joint Units Agreement 4/27/2017 6:30-7:30AM Fall City Breakroom

 If you have questions, please contact Pat Silvernale at [email protected]