If you are performing work outside the scope of your job classification, the county needs to compensate you for it.  It’s a pretty simple equation, but the county doesn’t always get the simple things right. 

If you are getting shortchanged, Local 117 will help you with your reclassification appeal.  We’ll sit down with you, review the documents, and present your case at your appeal hearing.

We recently won a reclass case on behalf of Alisa Bui, a member in the county’s Finance, Business and Operations Division, who was performing the work of a senior accountant, but not being compensated as such.  After the county denied her reclassification request, Alisa teamed up with her Business Representative, Matt House, and the two filed an appeal, presented the case before the county’s appeal board, and won a reversal of the decision. 

The win means a lot to Alisa - a 10% increase in pay and a reminder to the County that the union won’t let it get away with underpaying its employees.