Space-Needle---Photo.jpgOur friends over at UNITE HERE Local 8 have been in a long struggle for fair wages and working conditions for workers at the Space Needle.  

They need our help to pressure Space Needle management to do right by the workers.  Please read their email below and follow the action steps outlined in the email.  

Thanks for your support!

Justice at the Needle!

It's been 1,000 days since the workers at the Symbol of Seattle got their last raise.

The owners of the Space Needle--who come from one of Seattle's wealthiest families--have responded to workers' call for raises with a condescending webinar instructing them on how to "live on less." 

Space Needle workers are telling their bosses to stop wasting money fighting them in court and to start recognizing the people who work hard to make their business a success. Will you join them? 

Despite a hostile, anti-union climate inside the Space Needle, workers have been actively organizing for long-delayed raises. Elevator operator Michael Hall, who has worked at the Space Needle for over seven years, said, "When I got to my current wage four years ago, it was enough to live on comfortably in Seattle. But the cost of living keeps going up. Now I have to live with my parents outside the city and commute two hours to work."

At the very end of last month, the National Labor Relations Board found the Space Needle guilty of five violations of federal labor law, including coercing workers and failing to recall two employees based on union activity. The company has chosen to appeal the NLRB ruling against them for the second time. 

Click here to tell the Space Needle to stop fighting in court and do right by their workers! 

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