We are excited to report that we are expecting to receive our interest arbitration award from Arbitrator Howell Lankford sometime in the coming week.  During the hearing, the Arbitrator assured us that he would issue the award by no later than Friday, September 26.  

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the Arbitrator’s award.  As soon as we receive it, we will post it on the website and notify you by email and text message.  If you are not signed up to receive DOC text messages, you can do so by texting DOC to 206-452-1840.

After the Arbitrator issues his award, we need to be ready to take action.  All correctional employees will need to get involved in the political process to ensure that the Governor puts the award in his budget and that it is funded by the State legislature.    

Thank you for your patience and remember to be safe.