We learned this afternoon that Governor Jay Inslee has called a special session of the legislature scheduled to begin on Wednesday, April 29.  

A special session could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but thanks to a minority of obstructionists in the Senate, Inslee is left with little choice. 

With the regular legislative session due to wrap up this Sunday, budget negotiators in the House and the Senate are still miles apart on crafting a final budget.

One of the key sticking points in negotiations remains the contracts for state employees, including our DOC contract.  As you know, the House included full funding for the contracts in its budget proposal, while the Senate did not.  

Budget negotiators could settle their differences now if the Senate would agree to a fair revenue system and to fully fund our DOC contract and the contracts of other state employees. This would avoid the need for a costly special session.  

We need to continue to put pressure on our state senators to get back to the negotiations table now and fund our DOC contract.  

FUND OUR CONTRACT NOW!  Call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  Tell your Senator that Public Service Matters!  Tell them to fund our DOC contract and the contracts of other state employees before the end of the regular legislative session on April 26!