On Thursday, June 20, the Department of Corrections announced its contingency plan should the legislature fail to pass an operating budget before July 1, 2013.

The plan, if implemented, will have a major impact on Teamsters at the DOC. We understand that the Department will implement a reduced staffing model, which will result in a significant number of temporary layoffs. Layoff notices could come via email as early as Monday, June 24 in order to be in compliance with the 5-day notification requirements of your collective bargaining agreement.

The DOC has indicated that they will lay off staff by classification seniority in each facility, which we believe constitutes a violation of the seniority rights of your contract. Just as we fought the DOC over the furlough layoffs in 2010, we will vigorously contest any violation of your labor agreement.

We will continue to work through your Lobbyist Teresita Torres to facilitate movement toward a budget resolution in Olympia. In the meantime, your help is needed to avoid a government shutdown.

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS IN THE SENATE NOW! Over the weekend, email your State Senator in Olympia and urge him or her to take the actions listed below. Starting Monday, call 1-800-562-6000 and demand that your State Senator:

  1. Reject all policy bills not related to the budgets;
  2. Avoid a state government shutdown that would be costly and wasteful for taxpayers and do real harm to the public services we all rely upon; and
  3. Pass the three budgets with sufficient revenue to maintain our schools, roads, bridges and other public infrastructure.

If you have questions, please contact your Business Representative.