Your Union has negotiated a settlement agreement that will enable Teamsters employed at the Department of Corrections in IMU to vote on navy-blue polo shirts (no insignias required) as an alternative uniform shirt.

Members assigned to IMU as five-day-a-week employees or RDO employees regularly working two or more days per week will be eligible to vote. The outcome of the vote will determine what uniform eligible members will be required to wear.
Votes will be conducted, unit by unit, for IMU employees at CBCC, MCC, SCCC, WCC, WSP, and the segregation unit at AHCC.

NOTE: If a majority of members in any single unit vote for polo shirts as an alternative uniform, all members of that unit will be required to wear polo shirts purchased at their own expense.

Eligible members were sent a mail-in ballot on June 23.  Ballots must mailed back to Local 117 and received no later than July 7.

  • Ballots were mailed out on June 23. If you don’t receive your ballot by June 27, contact the Local at 1-888-872-3489.
  • Ballots must be returned to Local 117 by July 7.
  • Polo shirts must be purchased at your own expense.

View the complete settlement agreement and a sample ballot.