The new issue of our Guardian newsletter is now available! 

The Guardian focuses on news and information for our members who work at the Department of Corrections.

For DOC Teamsters, there's a lot going on. We recently achieved at least a 10.5 percent raise for all members over the next two years through the interest arbitration process.

We also achieved an improved vacation schedule and interest arbitration rights in the DOC contract moving forward.

Our economic gains through arbitration must be approved by the state legislature, however. That's why we're gearing up for a big Legislative Reception and Lobby Day event on February 13-14. 

You don't have to be a DOC member to join us at that event! 

You can read about the contractual and interest arbitration gains as well the Lobby Day event in the new Guardian. You'll also find an article that highlights the work of Officer Hector Padilla on the DOC Honor Guard at AHCC.

You can access the Guardian newsletter here. For print copies, talk to your Shop Steward or Business Rep.