1. Register to vote - there are three easy ways to register to vote:

If you've moved, changed your name or your signature, you'll need to update your voter registration. So long as you are a (1) citizen of the United States, a (2) legal resident of Washington State, (3) at least 18 years old by Election Day, and (4) if you previously had a felony conviction, no longer in the custody of the Department of Corrections, you are eligible to vote.

To check the status of your registration if you're not sure, you can check your voter registration status here.

2. Click here for our list of Endorsed Candidates - this year we have made endorsements in the following races that will be on your ballot: local city and county council races, for Mayors, and Port Commissioners, in addition to a few special elections for State Senate. In some races, we didn't take a position, meaning we didn't interview the candidates or we chose not to endorse one. If you don't see an endorsement for a race on your ballot, you might try and looking at the Teamsters Joint Council endorsements, which has endorsements for races outside of King and Pierce Counties. You can also call Dustin Lambro, our Political Coordinator at 206-441-4860 x1262.

3. Find a "Ballot Dropbox" location near you - while you can mail in your ballot using a stamp, you can also drop it in a "dropbox" without postage. These completely secure "Drop Boxes" are only accessible to the local elections department where you vote.

4. Important Dates

  • July 3 - voter registration deadline for the Primary Election
  • July 14 - ballots mailed for the Primary Election (the election to determine who will appear on the November General Election ballot)
  • October 9 - deadline for voter registration, address change and other updates for the General Election
  • October 20 - ballots mailed for the General Election
  • November 7 - GENERAL ELECTION (all ballots MUST be postmarked by this date or returned to a drop box by this date for your ballot to count)