This year, we did our endorsement process differently.  A team of members from different sectors of our Union, including members from DOC as well as the private and public sector, interviewed candidates and made endorsement recommendations based on their responses in our questionnaire as well as their in-person interview. For a more detailed look at our endorsement process please click here.

For more information regarding the endorsement process or to get involved in election activities, contact Local 117 Political Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262. 

The following represents the Teamsters 117 political endorsements for the 2015 election cycle, as well as some selected races from Teamsters Joint Council No. 28.  You can also find additional endorsements from the Teamsters Joint Council No. 28 here.


Race Endorsed Candidate Position
King County Assessor  John Wilson  
Director of Elections Zack Hudgins  
Port of Seattle Courtney Gregoire Pos. 2
  Fred Felleman Pos. 5
King County Council Jeanne Kohl-Welles Dist. 4
  Jane Hague Dist. 6
  Joe McDermott Dist. 8
Burien City Council Holli Griffin Pos. 2
  John Scherer Pos. 4
Pacific City Council  David Storaasli  Pos. 6
Renton City Council Monique Taylor Swan Pos. 4
SeaTac City Council Sally Andrews Pos. 3
  Mia Gregerson Pos. 7
Seattle City Council Lisa Herbold Dist. 1
  Bruce Harrell Dist. 2
  Kshama Sawant Dist. 3
  Michael Maddux Dist. 4
  Deborah Juarez Dist. 5
  Mike O'Brien Dist. 6
  Sally Bagshaw Dist. 7
  Tim Burgess Dist. 8
  Lorena Gonzalez Dist. 9
Shoreline City Council Keith Scully Pos. 2
  Jess Salomon   Pos. 6
Mayor of Tukwila De'Sean Quinn  
Tukwila City Council Kate Kruller Pos. 6
30th Legislative District (Special Election) Carol Gregory (D) Pos. 2
Race Name Position
Port of Tacoma Clare Petrich Pos. 5
Fife City Council Bryan Yambe Pos. 1
Puyallup City Council Robin Ordonez Pos. 3
Tacoma City Council Tom McCarthy Pos. 1
  Anders Ibsem Pos. 3
  Conor McCarthy Pos. 7
  Ryan Mello Pos. 8
Mayor of Carbonado  Wally Snover  
Pierce Co. Charter Review Commission  Brenda Wiest  Dist 7, Pos 2
Race Name Position
Lake Stevens City Council Michael Boe Pos. 5

Ballot Measures

In addition to the candidates above, we are also supporting the following ballot measures, which are linked below for more information:

City of Seattle Initiative 122 (Honest Election Seattle) - YES

This initiative would limit the amount of special interest money in politics by creating a public financing of city elections. For more on the ballot measure, click here.

Seattle Transportation Levy to Move Seattle - YES

This is a 10-year transportation levy that would fund critical investments in our roads, bike and pedestrian infrastructure.  It replaces the voter-approved Bridging the Gap levy, which was passed by voters in 2006.  For more information on the levy, please click here.

City of Tacoma Proposition 1 - YES

This measure would require employers of a certain size to pay employees who work in the City of Tacoma, or maintain, report to, or are supervised from, an office in the City, an hourly wage of not less than fifteen dollars ($15.00), adjusted annually by the rate of inflation. This measure would also create a citizen commission to monitor the City’s administration and enforcement of the minimum wage requirements, and make violation a crime.


If you have questions about Local 117's endorsement process, or you have a question about a race that is not listed, please contact Political Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262 or dustin (at)