Local 117 has a thorough endorsement process of candidates throughout our region and your Union makes an effort to support candidates who care about working family issues.  

For more information regarding the endorsement process or to get involved in election activities, contact Local 117 Political Action Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262.

You can also see our calendar to find an election activity near you.

The following represents the Teamsters political endorsements for the 2013 election cycle:

Initiative 522 YES  
Race Endorsed Candidate Position
Mayor of Seattle Mike McGinn Mayor
  Ed Murray Mayor
King County Executive  Dow Constantine Executive
King County Council Shari Song Dist 9
  Rod Demboski  Dist. 1
  Dave Upthegrove Dist. 5 
Seattle City Council Mike O’Brien Pos. 8
  Sally Bagshaw Pos. 4
  Richard Conlin Pos. 2
  Nick Licata Pos. 6
Port of Seattle John Creighton  Pos.1 
  Stephanie Bowman Pos. 3
  Courtney Gregoire Pos. 2
City of Belleuve City Council  Steve Kasner Pos. 4 
  Lynne Anderson Pos. 6 
City of Burien City Council Joey Martinez  Pos. 7 
  Rose Clark Pos. 5
  Lauren Berkowitz  Pos 1 
City of Lake Forest Park John Resha Pos. 7
City of Enumclaw Tom Mann Pos. 5
Federal Way City Council Martin Moore Pos. 6
Mayor of Federal Way  Jim Farrell  Mayor 
SeaTac City Council Kathryn Campbell Pos. 2
Mayor of Auburn Nancy Backus Mayor
Mayor of  Kent  Tim Clark  Mayor 
Kent City Council  Bailey Stober  Pos. 6 
Seattle School Board  Sue Peters  Pos. 4 
City of SeaTac  Tony Anderson  Pos. 4 
Shoreline City Council  Chris Roberts  Pos. 7 
SeaTac Proposition 1  YES   
Race Name Position
Pierce County Court of Appeals Brad Maxra  
Puyallup City Council Cory Gluckoft Pos. 1
  Heather Shadko Pos. 2
  Julie Door Pos. 3
Tacoma City Council Olgy Diaz Dist. 5
  Victora Woodards Dist. 6
  Robert Thoms Dist. 2
  Patricia Lecy-Davis Dist. 2
Tacoma School Director Dist. 10 Debbie Winskill Pos. 1
Tacoma Civil Service Board Eric Hansen Pos. 1
Edgewood City Council Stephanie Shook Pos 6
Fife City Council  Brian Yambe  Pos 1 
  Dennis Jones  Pos 2 
Port of Olympia  Jeff Davis  Pos 2 
Tacoma Proposition 1  YES   
Race Name Position
Mayor of Everett Ray Stephanson Mayor
Lake Stevens City Council Michael Boe Pos 7
Monroe City Council Brad Waddell Pos 1
Edmonds City Council Adrienne Fraley- Monillas Pos 3
Sultan City Council  Kenneth Marshall  Pos 1 
Mayor of Stanwood  Leonard Kelley  Mayor 
Mayor of Anacortes  Dean Maxwell  Mayor 
Anacortes City Council  Andrea Doll  Pos 4 
Port of Bellingham  Renata Kowalzuk  Dist. 1 
Bellingham City Council  Pinky Vargas  Pos 4 
Mayor of Medical Lake Mike Suniga Mayor
Spokane City Council Amber Waldref Dist. 1 Pos. 2
  John Snyder Dist. 2 Pos. 2
  Candace Mumm Dist. 3 Pos. 2
Race Name Position
Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall Auditor
Port of Olympia Jeff Davis Dist. 2
Lacey City Council Cynthia Pratt Pos. 4
  Michael Steadman Pos. 6
  Walker Morton Pos. 7
Olympia City Council Sheryl Selby Pos. 4
Olympia School District Brian Tomlinson Pos. 6
Mayor of Tumwater Pete Kmet Mayor
Tumwater City Council Ed Hildreth Pos. 5
  Kyle Taylor Lucas Pos. 6
Race Name Position
Whatcom County Council Barry Buchanan Dist. 1 Pos. A
  Ken Mann Dist. 2 Pos. A
  Carl Weimer Dist. 3 Pos. A
  Rudd Brown at large
Bellingham City Council Roxanne Murphey at large
Port of Bellingham Mike McAuley Dist. 2
Race Name Position
Benton Co. Court of Appeals Div. 3 George Fearing Dist. 22
8th Legislative District Phillip Limley 8th LD Senate
Port of Kennewick Tom Moak Dist. 7
Kennewick City Council Ed Pacheco Pos. 3
Benton City School Board Ivan Howard Pos. 2
Kinoa-Benton City School District  Lesley Johnson  Pos. 3 
  Wade Haun  Pos. 5 
Race Name Position
State Senator Nathan Schlicher Senator, Dist. 26

If you have questions about Local 117's endorsement process, or you have a question about a race that is not listed, please contact Political Action Coordinator Dustin Lambro at 206-441-4860 ext. 1262 or dustin.lambro (at)