Teamsters at the Cedar Creek Corrections Center do the same work as the state's major institutions, but often with fewer resources. Some staff perform the duties of multiple people without any less responsibility. This month we look at the tireless work of some CCCC members keeping us safe. View more facilities here.


Cedar Creek Sergeant Juggles Multiple Responsibilities.

“I’ve been Union my whole life,” said Sgt. Frank Longoria of the Cedar Ridge Corrections Center near Olympia. “For me, it’s always been about people’s rights.” The son of migrant farmworkers, Longoria grew up in the fields in eastern Washington. In his 20s, he marched with Cesar Chavez and supported the United Farmworkers’ boycott of Gallo wine.READ MORE


DOC Defensive Tactics Instructor Pursues Master Certification.

Teaching defensive tactics is physically demanding work. Trainers need to both master and demonstrate the techniques. An arm bar takedown is an unpleasant experience. After two or three drops to the mat, the body can start to get sore. READ MORE