Local 117 has scheduled quarterly membership meetings for all Teamsters at the DOC.

Check out what a member from AHCC is saying about her experience at the meeting.

On the MCC Facebook page, John Crowley writes: "The Thursday union meeting was hopeful."

Meetings have taken place at seven facilities so far. For times and locations of the remaining meetings, see below:

Facility Date Location Times
SCCC August 15 Rooms A/B 0620, 1230, 1410, 1630
OCC August 19 Pacific Pizza 1100,1515,1730
CBCC August 20 CBCC Visit Room 0620, 1230, 1410, 1630
MCCCW Sept. 3 Front Conference Room 0620, 1230, 1410, 1630
WCCW Sept. 5 R Building Fitness Room 0620, 1230,1410, 1630