Contract surveys for upcoming negotiations over our 2019-2021 collective bargaining agreement for Teamsters at the Department of Corrections are due on Friday, February 23. 

If you haven't done so already, please fill out your survey and deposit it in the designated dropbox at your facility. 

Dropboxes can be found at the following locations

  • AHCC/Main - Public Access
  • AHCC/MSU - C3 Entrance
  • CBCC - Public Access
  • CCCC - Control Break Room
  • CI HQ - See Nathan Glass
  • CRCC MSC Mailboxes/MSU Mailboxes
  • DOC HQ - See Rebecca Bologna desk
  • LCC - Control Break Room
  • Maple Lane Pharmacy - Lunch room
  • MCC/TRU – Next to Main Control
  • MCC/MSU, WSRU, SOU – Public Access
  • MCCCW - Public access
  • MICC - Boat dock on the Island side
  • OCC - See Pam Olekas in Records
  • SCCC - D-Building Break Room
  • SWRBO - See Andrew Guardia
  • WCC - Public Access, under union board
  • WCCW - Public access/shift office
  • WSP WC Mailboxes/EC Mailboxes

You can also give your completed survey to your Shop Steward or Union Representative.

If you did not receive a survey in the mail, please contact your Shop Steward first, and if necessary, your Union Representative.

Filling out your contract survey is important. The survey gives you an opportunity to prioritize issues and voice your concerns. Your bargaining team will be using the survey results to develop proposals based on your feedback for upcoming contract negotiations.

Be sure to make your voice heard!