When we fight, we win!

Local 117's Women's Caucus provides a voice to women in your union, and a space to address issues facing women in the workplace through advocacy and volunteer work.

  • Goals for 2015:
    • Recruit more members;
    • Involve Teamster families;
    • Send Women’s Caucus members to the National Teamsters Women’s Conference.
  • Long term goals:
    • Recruit and support women for Shop Steward positions;
    •  Develop a leadership program for women members. 

Local 117's Women's Caucus was formed in 2014.  Although we are making steps towards our goals, we have been missing an important element - YOU, THE RANK-AND-FILE TEAMSTER WOMAN. Women make up 25-30% of your Local—join us at our next meeting so, collectively, we can make a greater impact for social justice!

For more information about how to get involved, contact Andrea Canini at 206-441-4860, ext. 1258.

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