Teamsters Local 117 is one of only a handful of Teamsters Locals across the country that has an experienced legal team on staff. This allows your Local Union to provide members of Local 117 with unparalleled access to extensive legal resources at a significantly lower cost. With our staff of experienced attorneys, Local 117 is prepared to take on any legal fight, whether that be an arbitration, an unfair labor practice, litigation, or the need for legal assistance in challenging contract negotiations. To learn more about your rights at work, click here.

Your Union’s legal department is comprised of three attorneys:

  • General Counsel, Spencer Nathan Thal;
  • Staff Attorney, Daniel Swedlow;
  • Associate Staff Attorney/Lobbyist, Teresita Torres;

Teamsters Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer, Tracey A. Thompson, is also an attorney by profession and provides legal counsel when necessary.

Scope of Representation

Local 117 attorneys handle litigation, arbitration and unfair labor practice charges that arise in the context of your employment with a represented company. The accessibility of employed lawyers to Business Representatives gives your Union a powerful resource when it comes to protecting your rights on the job.

Attorneys in the Legal Department do not and cannot represent members in their private legal matters. Local 117 attorneys do not, for example, provide counsel regarding family law, criminal law, or bankruptcy law unless a case is directly related to your workplace rights and your rights under your collective bargaining agreement.

Year in Review

To learn more about the work of the Teamsters Local 117 legal team, check out the Local 117 legal year in review.