When we fight, we win!

Teamsters 117 Members Speak Out

CYNTHIA ADAMS, Local 117 member at King County

"Teamsters Local 117 provides solidarity and strength in numbers. With that strength comes a stronger voice in the workplace."

GERRY PINERO, Correctional Officer

"We were a tight-knit group. When there was an issue, we walked out together. Everybody walked. We're one Union."

CHARLES BAILEY, Admission Attendant

"Anyone that will listen, I’ll tell them: go get a union job."

DEBRA DAHLIN, Retail and 117 Shop Steward

"I'm proud to be a member of Teamsters Local 117.  I've registered over 1000 Teamsters to vote."

SUE LARSON, Local 117 Member at Coke

"The Teamsters have been there to support me and to support my family."

RUSS CARVER, Steel Worker and 117 Shop Steward

"When my fellow steelworkers saw what we had, it brought them to realize that they could have the same things -- if we all stick together."

CLARISSA CURTIS, Local 117 Member at Coke

"Being a member of Teamsters Local 117 means job security and having someone to support you when you are treated unfairly."


"My company wanted to fire me because of my religion. If I hadn’t gone to the Union, I would have been fired. Teamsters Local 117 protected me."

MIKE HOLDEN, Forklift Driver and 117 Shop Steward

"Forklift work is now back where it should be - back with the Teamsters."

JASON RIDGE, Local 117 Member at SuperValu

"Teamsters Local 117 has fought for our benefits for so long. We're not going to turn around and give those things up."