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What Teamsters Look Like: Alejandra Calderon, King County


Alejandra Calderon understands that giving a little bit of your time can go a long way.

Growing up, Alejandra benefited from the Proyecto Saber program through her school. This program helps Latino students graduate from high school, and aspires to help them get into college.

Alejandra had been a Proyecto student since elementary school, and knows the impact this program had on her life.  She is determined to move it forward and help today’s students go on to bigger and better things.

She does this by giving the students and the program something they need as much as funding – her time.

MORE GREAT NEWS! King County Health Care Update

healthcare.jpgMore Good News for Teamsters at King County!

The Protected Fund Reserve is officially at $34.2 million as of the end of 2014, up over $9 million from the original seed of $25 million.

The experts are predicting that the Protected Fund Reserve will be just shy of $38 million at the end of this year, and over $39 million by December 31, 2016 which is the last day of the current JLMIC agreement. We will be negotiating a new agreement for 2017 and beyond next year as part of a total compensation bargaining process.

Through 2016, this means: no premium share, and no changes to the important plan provisions such as co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

Teamster Women Making Waves!


Over the past several months, Teamster women and their families have been giving back to our communities in meaningful ways.

Through volunteer events sponsored by our newly-organized Women’s Caucus, Local 117 Teamsters spent a Saturday in May helping out at the Emergency Food Network’s (EFN) Mother Earth Farm near Puyallup, and then another Saturday in June working at the EFN warehouse in Lakewood.

Teamster Volunteers Sort 16,000 Lbs of Apples for Emergency Food Network


On the first sunny Saturday in June, Teamsters 117 Women’s Caucus members were giving back!  Thirteen members and their families showed up to support the Emergency Food Network, an organization that assists individuals and families in need in Pierce County. 

Our Teamsters 117 volunteer crew at the Emergency Food Network warehouse in Lakewood sorted 16,000 lbs of apples for the organization’s Repack Project, which helps prepare bulk food for distribution to food banks in Pierce County.  

Workforce Central member reflects on Teamster volunteer event


I had the chance to interview Freda Cogger, a Local 117 member at Workforce Central in Tacoma, about her experiences at our recent volunteer event on the Emergency Food Network's Mother Earth Farm. The event was organized by our Women's Caucus. 

Teamsters volunteer on local farm, help feed hungry families


A dozen Teamster volunteers and their kids helped out at the Mother Earth Farm near Puyallup last Saturday.  The Teamster crew spent the afternoon pulling weeds and installing a new irrigation system.  

The event, sponsored by our Teamsters Women's Caucus, benefited the Emergency Food Network's farm-to-table program that provides fresh, organic food to individuals and families in need in Pierce County.  

The folks that run the farm say that our group was one of the most productive they've seen in a while.

If you missed this past volunteer opportunity, our Women's Caucus will be hosting another event on June 6.  

We'll be helping the EFN at its Lakewood warehouse, repacking frozen vegetables.  If you'd like to attend, please contact Andrea Canini at 206-441-4860 or RSVP for the event here.

Women's Caucus Giving Back

Since our first meeting in December 2014, the newly formed Women’s Caucus has been working hard to establish short-term goals for the year and the long-term goals of the caucus. 

One of the short term goals for this year is to involve Teamster families as we address issues facing women and families.  The Women’s Caucus is taking its first step towards this goal. 

This Saturday, May 16, we will sponsor a volunteer event at the Emergency Food Network’s Mother Earth Farm.  

King County Newsletter - Spring 2015

The online newsletter for members of Teamsters Local 117 is now available!  In this issue, you'll find information on:

In addition, check out the calendar of upcoming Teamster events.

For a well functioning County, full Union rights

At King County, members of Teamsters 117 have always prioritized the smooth functioning of the County.  However, in recent years this has become increasingly difficult. 

Due to budget cuts and the County’s mandate not to limit the hire of new full-time employees following the recession, the use of temporary employees has become a more common practice.  King County has gone beyond the scope of the initial term-limited temporary (TLT) employee program, both in numbers of TLT employees and the means in which they are used.  

KC Advisory Committees are up and running

Over the last several months, we have been testing a new method to increase membership involvement at King County through our Member Advisory Committees.

So far, we have formed working advisory committees, consisting of several Local 117 members, in the KC Department of Information Technology as well as the Solid Waste Division