Have you ever been harassed by an individual who obtained your name or contact information through public disclosure? 

It’s a common problem facing our members in public safety professions, and our Union has been working on a remedy.

This week, we helped introduce a bill (SB 5326) that would give Local 117 members at the Department of Corrections and other law enforcement agencies the ability to seek legal damages if their personal information, obtained through public disclosure, is used to harass or intimidate any person or for commercial purposes.

“This bill is designed to protect our members at the DOC and other public safety professionals who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe,” said John Scearcy, Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer. 

The proposed law is sponsored by three Senate Republicans and was referred to the Senate Law and Justice Committee on January 20 for further consideration.

All three legislators who signed onto the bill have prisons in their districts. As such, they are keenly aware of the risks facing our members at the DOC. Senator Kirk Pearson (R - 39th Leg District) is the bill’s prime sponsor. Senator Maureen Walsh (R - 16th Leg District) and Senator Sharon Brown (R - 8th Leg District) are also proponents of the bill. 

If you live in one of these legislators' districts, please send them an email thanking them for their support!

We expect that the bill will get a hearing soon, and we will need members to testify in support. 

If you have been targeted by an individual or entity that obtained your personal information through public disclosure, please contact Political Coordinator, Dustin Lambro, at 1-888-872-3489 x1262 immediately.