Between January 4 and January 16, we will hold a series of contract vote meetings for Teamsters who work at King County. You can access a schedule for all of the voting dates, times, and locations here.

At the meetings, you will have an opportunity to vote on the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) and your individual bargaining unit's appendix or "small table" agreement.

The MLA was negotiated by the King County Coalition of Unions, while your small table agreement was negotiated by a union bargaining committee consisting of a lead negotiator and rank-and-file member leaders. Everyone involved worked extremely hard to achieve the gains in these contracts.

To prepare for the vote, please review the MLA summary document and your bargaining unit's appendix agreement below. Thank you for service to the residents of King County and for your membership in Teamsters Local 117. Please exercise your right to vote!

Master Labor Agreement (MLA)

Department of Public Defense - Management Unit

Dept. of Transportation Administrators

IT Managers and Supervisors

Joint Units Agreement

Legislative Analysts

Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Printers and Copiers

Professional & Technical & Administrative Employees

Security Screeners


WWT Supervisers