Starting in April, we will be holding Contract Demands Meetings for all Teamsters 117 members at King County. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on your contract and help set priorities for bargaining. Your voice is important! Please make an effort to attend.


Unit/CBA Date Day Time Location
KCIT-BRC 4/2/24 Tuesday 11:30AM-1PM Virtual
KCC Leg. Analysts 4/5/24 Friday 10AM - 11:30AM Virtual
KCC - Ombuds 4/10/24 Wednesday 11:30AM-1:00PM Virtual
Cedarhills 4/10/24 Wednesday 6AM-8AM Conference Room C - Cedarhills
KCIT-BRC 4/11/24 Thursday 11:30AM-1PM Zoom
DPD 4/19/24 Friday 11AM - 1PM Virtual
PT&A 4/23/24 Wednesday 11:30AM - 1:30PM Zoom
JUA - Cook/Bakers - KCCF 4/23/24 Tuesday 11AM - 1PM KCCF Kitchen
Renton Complex - JUA 4/23/24 Tuesday 3PM - 4:30PM J Building Conference Room
Fall City Pit - JUA 4/23/24 Tuesday 6AM-7AM Fall City Pit 
KC Airport - Maintenance Facility 4/24/24 Wednesday 11:00AM-12:00PM KCIA Maintenance
KC WTD Managers 4/24/24 Wednesday 11:30AM-1PM Virtual
MTD Transit Capital Managers and Sups. 4/25/24 Thursday 11:30AM-1PM Virtual
DPD 4/25/24 Thursday 11AM - 1PM Virtual
Cadman Pit - JUA 4/25/24 Thursday 6AM-7AM Cadman Pit - Redmond
JUA - All Units 4/27/24 Saturday 10AM-12PM Teamsters Hall - (Training Room)
JUA - Cook/Bakers - MRJC 4/30/24 Tuesday 10:30AM - 12:30PM MRJC - Training Room (2nd Floor)
PT&A 4/30/24 Tuesday 11:30AM-1PM Virtual
Black Diamond Pit - JUA 4/30/24 Tuesday 6AM-7AM Black Diamond Pit 
PT&A 5/1/24 Wednesday 11:30AM-1PM Virtual
KC WTD PT&A 5/1/24 Wednesday 12PM - 2PM Virtual
PAO 5/2/24 Thursday 11:30AM - 1:30PM Virtual
JUA - ESP Center, Chinook 5/2/24 Thursday 7:30AM-8:30AM ESP Area - Chinook Building 
KC WTD PT&A 5/7/24 Tuesday 12PM - 2PM Virtual
PT&A 5/7/24 Tuesday 4:30PM-6PM Virtual
JUA - ESP Center 5/7/24 Tuesday 5:30PM-6:30PM ESP Area - Chinook Building 
PT&A 5/8/24 Wednesday 11:30AM-1PM Virtual
KC WTD Sups 5/9/24 Thursday 12PM - 2PM Virtual
PT&A 5/9/24 Thursday 7AM - 8:30AM Virtual
PAO 5/14/24 Tuesday 11:30AM - 1:30PM Virtual
KC WTD Sups 5/15/24 Wednesday 12PM - 2PM Virtual