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Updated On: Sep 18, 2012


Your Local Union bargaining committee met with State representatives again on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13, to negotiate over your 2013-2015 labor agreement.

In all, your Union team has met with the State nine times since bargaining began in early June. In the initial meetings, your Union team presented a complete non-economic language proposal to the State based on your input from contact surveys and at demands' meetings.

Some of the working conditions issues still on the table for negotiation include expanded rights for on-call employees, vacation rights, seniority rights, layoffs and transfer rights, and hours of work and overtime issues. Since the beginning of negotiations, your Union has also been insisting on language to ensure safe staffing levels for correctional workers. The State continues to resist this proposal.

On the whole, negotiations with the State over fundamental working conditions have been more protracted and difficult than past negotiations, which has been a major source of frustration for your bargaining team.

In the coming weeks, we may be calling on you to take action to show the State that we are serious about our proposals.

At this point, however, the bargaining process has not fully run its course and we are still actively working to reach an agreement on safety and other issues that will positively impact your ability to do your job and protect the public.

In the last session, your Union presented its full economic proposal to the State. The Union’s proposal seeks compensation adjustments that fairly pay all correctional employees for the unique and dangerous work you all do. We anticipate that the State will respond to our proposal in upcoming sessions scheduled for September 25 and 26.

As you know, we are rapidly approaching the statutory October 1 deadline to include a ratified contract proposal in the budget the Governor submits to the Legislature.

It is still unclear whether or not we will have a tentative agreement that your bargaining committee can present to the membership by the end of September. If we do reach a full tentative agreement with the State, we will have a very short turnaround time to complete a contract vote by October 1, so voting would be done only by internet and telephone.

Please register at your Union’s website at so that we can send you up-to-the-minute updates. If you have questions, contact your Business Representative or Bargaining Committee member.

BARGAINING COMMITTEE: Your Local Union has an experienced bargaining team, with Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer Tracey A. Thompson as your lead negotiator, with Acting Director of Corrections and Law Enforcement, Michelle Woodrow, and Eastside Coordinator, Joe Kuhn, as backup leads. General Counsel Spencer Thal has also been involved in negotiations. In addition, your team consists of the Local Union Business Representatives and the following rank-and-file members:

  • Jessica Anderson, AA3 CCCC
  • Terry Hutchins, RN MCC
  • Gar Rodside, Const. Maint. Sup. MCCCW
  • Terry Paolino, SGT WSP
  • Marina House, CO2 WSP
  • Ronny Matsen, SGT SCCC
  • Shawn Piliponis, CC2 LCC
  • Pam Olekas, Corr. Records Sup. OCC
  • Nicholas DeBusk, CO2 AHCC
  • Darrin Norton, CO2 MCC
  • Tara Proctor, AA2 CRCC
  • Nancy Manlapid, RN3 WCCW
  • Eric Smith, SGT (Transport) WCC
  • Greg Olekas, CO2 CBCC
  • Dennis Simons, SGT WCCW

May 28, 2013

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